The New York Mills Zoning Commission is comprised of a seven-member committee. The purpose of the NYM Zoning Commission is to aid in the harmonious, orderly and progressive development of the city of New York Mills, while respecting the rights of the property owners as well as considering the interest of the citizens of the city.  Many factors go into putting together zoning regulations, including addressing the natural resource and public facility implications as well as the concerns of property owners on both sides. 

The Zoning Commission meets monthly, typically on the fourth Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. in the city council chambers. Check postings or this site for exact dates. 

Members of the current Zoning Commission include:

  1. Dianna Wallgren-Chairperson
  2. Greg Imsande
  3. Richard Grotheer
  4. Jerry Nesland
  5. Brent Olson
  6. Keith Van Dyke
  7. Tim Johnson
Our Zoning Administrator for the City is Kyle Mattson.  Kyle is the person who reviews zoning applications and makes the onsite inspection for zoning projects.  If there are factors in your application which require zoning committee consideration, your request is forwarded on to the next zoning commission meeting.
Please be aware that you need to apply for a zoning permit well in advance of beginning a project! The process typically takes a minimum of a couple of days. Gopher State One Call must be contacted and their part of the process takes 48 hours (not including weekend hours).  Once a zoning application is received, the Zoning Administrator reviews it and must make an onsite inspection.  If there are no issues, he will approve the application and upon payment of the fee, a zoning permit is issued.  In the event there are items which need to be addressed, the process takes longer.  If your project does not conform to zoning standards, you have the option to apply for a variance or conditional use permit.  There is an application fee which needs to be paid for the process to go further from here.  A public hearing is required, along with Council action. 
ALSO--Be Aware that Zoning Permits will NOT be issued to any applicant who is delinquent on any municipal utility fees, charges, taxes, special assessments, penalties, interest or other debts or obligations due to the City on any matter. (See Zoning Ordinance No. 118, pg 81)
Please do not begin your project prematurely as this will result in double the permit fees as well as the possibility of having to change or completely remove your project--completed or not!  You must have paid your permit fee and have been issued a zoning permit before you begin construction.  Failure to comply with this law constitutes a misdemeanor and is punishable by up to $500 and/or imprisonment of up to 90 days.  Each day that a violation is continued or permitted to exist shall constitute a separate offense. 
An application for a zoning permit is available by clicking on the link below.  To assist in getting your application processed quickly,  please complete the application  thoroughly, being sure to include measurements of all structures on your lot as well as the size of your lot itself, and distances to lot lines and other structures.  A drawing is necessary to show placement of the project.  Project cost is needed along with the type of materials being used in order to make necessary determinations.  If you have questions about your project, please refer to the zoning ordinance included in this website. You may also call the City Offices to ask questions.  We are here to help! 

Minutes and Agendas are posted on this website.  Please note that all minutes published on this website are unofficial until they have been approved by motion at the following month's meeting.