View of City Ballroom with white gauze and peach floral decor
View of Ballroom with white linens, gauze and floral ceiling decor

City Hall Ballroom


The New York Mills City Ballroom is a popular location for a wide range of community and family events.  The stately facility was designed, constructed and financed principally with public funds as a WPA project in the 1940's and after a remodeling project in 1999, offers a comfortable, grandiose atmosphere for public and private social gatherings, meetings and other functions requiring a large space.  Dates book extremely quickly, especially for the summer and fall months.  Please check with the City Office for availability by calling 218-385-2213.
The City Hall is available for public meeting purposes as well as for other public purpose and private meetings across the broad spectrum of civic related activities.  In addition, the ballroom is available for private parties, weddings, reunions, and a wide range of for-profit and non-profit events.  Portions of, or the entire facility is generally available weekdays and Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. 
The capacity of the ballroom and party room is 325 people.    Tables and chairs are included in the rental fee.  There is an elevator for handicapped accessibility.  
If you are planning an event in which you would like to serve intoxicating beverage, you, or someone in your party may serve them during your event, but you may not charge for these drinks.  The New York Mills Lions Club will, upon request, open a bar serving beer and setups during your dance.  
Use of the City Hall facilities will be on a first come, first served basis.  Application forms may be obtained from the City Clerk's office during normal staff hours, or they may be mailed to you.  We will hold the hall for you verbally for a period of 14 days, at which time, a deposit must be received to secure the date.  The cost of the damage deposit is currently $150.00.  If you wish to cancel your event within 90 days prior to the event, your deposit will be forfeited.  Deposits refunded after the event will be sent out following the next City Council meeting after the event. 

Fees are as follows:

Fee for weekend weddings/receptions/community dances
/reunions/other gatherings:    

Ballroom & Party Room:        
Rent   $500.00 (includes Security Officer)

Damage Deposit $150.00       
Additional Days/Decorating Early    
$75 per day

Fees for All other purposes:

Organization or Function rate includes:  

--Local nonprofit groups such as senior citizens, civic & commerce, girl scouts, boy scouts, religious functions, ethnic groups, business/agency/governmental in-service education, etc.

--Non profit activities such as bazaars, bake sales, rummage sales, 
flea markets and
bingo for fund raising purposes by local clubs and

--Any business using the ballroom or party room for an employee meeting

--Individuals/groups for profit such as: 
rummage sales, home-based businesses,
sport shows, home and trade shows, business promotions, etc.

Weekday Rental:                                      

  • Ballroom Rental (up to 175)             No Meal    $100        With Meal    $250
  • Ballroom Rental  (175 and over)      No Meal    $150        With Meal   $250

 •   Ballroom Rental Non-profit               No Meal     $75         With Meal  $175

Other Miscellaneous Rental:

  • Party Room Only Rental                        $35
  • Benefits*                                                 $75

These New Rates will take effect for all contracts mailed out on or after March 12, 2014.

*Benefits are considered to include fundraisers being held to help a family/individual having a tragedy in their lives, being run by family and friends with no official non-profit status.                     

 Ballroom decorated with white linens and red napkins and flowers on tables.
 Ballroom with tables covered in black tablecloths, gray chairsA decorated ballroom with white linens, baby's breath on table in the foreground
Elegant view of ballroom with white tablecloths and red tablerunners.
View of ballroom with white linens and chair covers, purple table runners and white flowers
 View of ballroom tables and chairs with black and white tablecovers
 View into ballroom from entrance with directional barnwood sign. White gauze ceiling decor