City Departments

There are many ways in which the City of New York Mills works to serve the community.  The following are the major departments of the city, including a description of their main functions.  If you need more information on a particular city function or service, these sections of the Web site should be helpful to you.




Responsible for overall city operations. The City Offices are located in the City Hall building at 28 Centennial 84 Drive West.  This building also houses a grand ballroom, available for events throughout the year.  

Public Library
The NYM Public Library is a member of the Viking Library System.

Public safety-Police & Fire

Responsible for all safety and emergency activities in the City.

Parks & Recreation

Responsible for maintenance of the City's six parks. Also responsible for maintenance and programming of the City's swimming pool. 

Public Works
Responsible for the major utilities and infrastructure of the City.  Also responsible for snow removal and other street projects.  The NYM Recycling site is also managed by the Public Works department.

Municipal Liquor Store
Mills Liquors is a city-owned establishment located on the lower floor of the City Hall building at 26 Centennial 84 Drive West, which offers both on and off sale liquors.