Gas Utilities

As a part of our Public Awareness Program, the City of New York Mills is required to communicate to its customers, information regarding our Natural Gas Distribution System.  New York Mills has a municipal natural gas distribution system with buried gas lines within the City and also some on the outside areas of the City.  Therefore, it is very important (and also it is the law) that you contact Gopher State One Call before doing any digging.  State law requires that we mark the location of our lines as a part of this process. Natural Gas lines are indicated by yellow markings. Call 1-800-252-1166 or 811 for the Gopher State One-Call System.

We add an odorant called mercaptan to the gas system so that a leak will more readily be noticed by the skunk-type smell. If you happen to hit a New York Mills municipal gas line and gas is escaping, please call 911.  If any scratches and damage to the coating, wrapper, pipe or locator wire occurs, you must call the 24-hour city telephone number of 1-218-385-2213. Remember, State law says that anyone doing underground work is responsible for avoiding damage to all underground facilities.  

Remember to keep your gas appliances in good working order.  You should have your furnace, water heater and other gas items checked periodically by a trained gas heating and plumbing specialist.  Also install carbon monoxide sensors in your home.  For more information, please feel free to call the City of New York Mills at 1-218-385-2213.

Thanks for your cooperation.

New York Mills Public Works